Seattle Family Photographer: Poyraz turns One

I arrived on a fall morning that was threatening rain (feels like forever ago—I barely remember what rain feels like), at their lovely apartment on Capitol Hill. We celebrated their hilarious and joyous little boy, dodging the splatters while he destroyed his yogurt-frosted cake! Afterwards, everyone headed to the Volunteer Park Conservatory to hide from the cold and enjoy the warmth and beauty of the space. The Conservatory has always been one of my favorites places to take clients… no matter how many people are there we can always find a corner to ourselves.  Here is sweet Poyraz and his family in Seattle!

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Rhodes Family: Seattle Family Photographer

Last year, I met the Rhodes family when I photographed their newborn boy Beau. I brought them pastries that morning, and went about our session. When we came back downstairs to the kitchen, we discovered that the family’s two Blue Healer pups had devoured all the treats from the bakery that we had left on the counter! Whoops. Later that same year, I returned to document how fun it is to have a 9 month old and all the joys of that first year of their babe’s life! Even better… it was mom and dad’s wedding anniversary! What fun we had! First playing on the floor at home…(as a parent… I think I spend a good 50% of my time playing on the floor with the kids), and then heading to their secret neighborhood beach/park for a little sunshine. This family is one of my favorites to photograph… we chat and laugh and I am honored to call them my friends! Here is the Rhodes family and their sweet sweet baby Beau.

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Baby Dalton: Seattle Newborn Photographer

Last fall, I photographed sweet baby Dalton in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle.  When I arrived, it was so warm and cozy I felt right at home… we even had a few of the same pieces of art hanging on our walls. We talked, we drank coffee and hung out on their front porch to watch the neighborhood wake up.

Dalton’s parents were at complete ease with their new little babe, and it was amazing to watch. Mama is a postpartum doula, and swaddled and soothed her baby like a pro! I was connected with their family by another client, and have watched Tobin work as a doula at a newborn session last year…she is magic 🙂 Find her website here:

Here is little Dalton with her parents on a cozy fall morning in Seattle

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Sweet Baby Emma + Family: Seattle Newborn Photographer

When I arrived on a overcast Saturday morning, baby girl Emma was sleeping in her mama’s arms. Their amazing 4 year old daughter was watching cartoons and the house was quiet but full of life. I love stepping into homes on the weekend when coffee is brewing and babies are sleeping. It is the best kind of morning… newborn cuddles and and twirling.

Welcome baby Emma… your family adores you and I couldn’t have been happier to share this small moment in time with you and your family!

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Growth and the Body: Seattle Family Photographer

9 months … plus some.

Now that baby is here, and I am on the other side, I feel more at peace with sharing this series of images. I am not a comfortable pregnant woman and I am ok admitting that! However, I have a HUGE appreciation for what my body just accomplished for the second time.  It is incredible what happens while creating another human. It is agonizingly slow, and sometimes (or most of the time in my case) uncomfortable… but this series of images is a testament to my body.

The power and the wonder of growing a baby inside of you is something to be in awe of. Feeling your baby move inside is a mixture of wonder and surprise (and a dose of OMG there is something moving inside of me!!)…But I loved those moments the most, because they were a daily conversation with the baby that would soon be in my arms… the first connections and tickles.

Images are in chronological order. Near the end you can see that I had already set up my birthing tub in our front room… I was so prepared at 35  weeks… even though baby didn’t arrive until 41 weeks + 4 days 😉

Here I am, my form… my shape.

My pregnant body is no longer, but I raise the babies it gave me with all my heart.

16week-belly-1 18week-belly-1 18week-belly-15 18week-belly-14 22weeks-mazama-4-218week-belly-12 september-23weekspregnant-126weeks-homelight-1-2 28weeks-homelight-6 28weeks-homelight-16 28weeks-homelight-17 30weeks-belly-5 35week-belly-14 38weeks-homelight-10 38weeks-homelight-21 38weeks-homelight-13 38weeks-islandkitchen-5 38weeks-islandkitchen-9 38weeks-islandkitchen-16

39weeks-home-1 39weeks-home-1-3

And then there she was…all 9 lbs and 14 oz of her… a full 11 days late and completely perfect.

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Seattle Newborn Photographer: The Twins

As a family and newborn photographer, nothing beats documenting the arrival of a new babe into a family. But, welcoming two babes is double the fun. So many beautiful details and twice the newborn snuggles when I get to meet TWINS! I was honored to photograph this couple for their maternity photographs, and was so so excited when I got the call that Dot and Kit had arrived. I made the trip from Seattle to Long Beach California, and spent a morning with this incredible family. Mom and dad were completely smitten, and I was in pure heaven capturing the four of them together. This family are my people, and I wish I could go back every week just to be around their joy and kindness. The first two images serve as my kind of before and after 🙂 Check out their maternity session for some serious eye candy!

Out of Focus

Yup, on purpose.
Some photographers might skip over these images, press delete right away and move on. Catching an out of focus moment might seem like a mistake, but to me it is a dream.
I see shapes, an endless story waiting to unfold. I see haze and light, shadow and color. I see a dream unfolding or a memory that is just out of reach. When I shoot, I am looking for these moments. Where your form and the space around you create a cohesive image that blurs between reality and your dreams.
These are a few of my favorite Out of Focus images, all taken at client sessions…

douchette-sneaks-1-3 douchettefamily-sneaks-1-15 rubert-sneaks-3 rubert-sneaks-2 krebsbach-sneaks-1-2 krebsbach-sneaks-1-3 krebsbach-sneaks-1-17
Borovsky-beachsneak-1-5 LyonsFamily-sneaks-1-3 Mer-36weeks-Athome-62 Greta-September2015-150 Greta-September2015-155 36Weeks-AtHome-58 36Weeks-AtHome-138 EllieOwen-newborn-136 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-126

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Seattle Family Photographer: Ballard Family in Spring

When this family asked me to document their life at home before a big move, I was so honored to be welcomed into their space. Sessions that start with coffee are always welcome, and soon we were off… following their little girl around their house and snuggling with her favorite toy ‘slothy’ ! What a beautiful morning to spend together in one of my favorite Seattle neighborhoods…walking to their favorite park, visiting the neighborhood chickens, and picking wildflowers in their own backyard!

killebrewfamily-ballard-1 killebrewfamily-ballard-3 killebrewfamily-ballard-5 killebrewfamily-ballard-6 killebrewfamily-ballard-8 killebrewfamily-ballard-11 killebrewfamily-ballard-14 killebrewfamily-ballard-16 killebrewfamily-ballard-19 killebrewfamily-ballard-20 killebrewfamily-ballard-22 killebrewfamily-ballard-24 killebrewfamily-ballard-30 killebrewfamily-ballard-33 killebrewfamily-ballard-34 killebrewfamily-ballard-41 killebrewfamily-ballard-43 killebrewfamily-ballard-49 killebrewfamily-ballard-50 killebrewfamily-ballard-51 killebrewfamily-ballard-62 killebrewfamily-ballard-63 killebrewfamily-ballard-64 killebrewfamily-ballard-67 killebrewfamily-ballard-68 killebrewfamily-ballard-69 killebrewfamily-ballard-71 killebrewfamily-ballard-72 killebrewfamily-ballard-82 killebrewfamily-ballard-86 killebrewfamily-ballard-90 killebrewfamily-ballard-91 killebrewfamily-ballard-92 killebrewfamily-ballard-97 killebrewfamily-ballard-98 killebrewfamily-ballard-100 killebrewfamily-ballard-101 killebrewfamily-ballard-104 killebrewfamily-ballard-107 killebrewfamily-ballard-109 killebrewfamily-ballard-118 killebrewfamily-ballard-120 killebrewfamily-ballard-126 killebrewfamily-ballard-130 killebrewfamily-ballard-131 killebrewfamily-ballard-134 killebrewfamily-ballard-135 killebrewfamily-ballard-136 killebrewfamily-ballard-137 killebrewfamily-ballard-138 killebrewfamily-ballard-139 killebrewfamily-ballard-140 killebrewfamily-ballard-146 killebrewfamily-ballard-148 killebrewfamily-ballard-152 killebrewfamily-ballard-153 killebrewfamily-ballard-155 killebrewfamily-ballard-157 killebrewfamily-ballard-158 killebrewfamily-ballard-159 killebrewfamily-ballard-160 killebrewfamily-ballard-163 killebrewfamily-ballard-170 killebrewfamily-ballard-176 killebrewfamily-ballard-192 killebrewfamily-ballard-194 killebrewfamily-ballard-196