Seattle Newborn Photographer: Baby Reed

I became an auntie last year… and it is sublime! We first met little Reed at 1 day new, in the hospital room at Swedish Issaquah. That day was so quiet, the first snow of the year was falling outside and the air seemed to stand still. I remember entering the room, and it was so cozy. Warm with the new babe, but a big window to watch the snowfall. After that, we did an in-home session at 1 week old and it was the calmest and most beautiful morning with our family. You would never know it, but there are 3 kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles in this house while we took pictures ;-)…oh and four chickens running around outside! But all we needed was one window, a couch, and some baby cuddles!
Here is my sweet Reed…

And one week later, at their home. I will never tire of newborn sessions at home. They are so relaxed. We don’t do anything at all, and there is no pressure, because life with a newborn or baby follows the normal routine of the everyday… snuggles… naps… feeding… changing… staring into eachother’s eyes… all the good stuff. But these moments are fleeting, and in a blink they are crawling, then walking… then running!  Savor these moments, and wear your pajamas and fuzzy fleece!

Super champion auntie… attending her newborn AND giving my little 10 month old (now 1 Year) some attention too 😉

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Seattle Newborn Photographer: Welcome baby Remi

This family has a special place in my heart xo. When I first started taking on wedding clients, they were the first to trust me with their big day… and now here we are! Welcoming their first baby into their family. I cannot truly express the honor it is to document and watch my clients grow over the years. To see them first with their closest family and friends, and then a couple of years later I see both of them reflected in this tiny person.

I arrived with pastries from a local bakery and we enjoyed some coffee while we caught up and marveled over their beautiful baby girl. Remi is as sweet as she looks and we loved on her all morning. Newborn sessions in your home have such an easy flow… we do what you do with a baby… we try to make her smile, change her diaper, nurse/feed, hold her and stare at her… then repeat 😉 And as a special treat… see mom and dad on their wedding day at the very bottom of this post!

* Their session included a hand designed album… an heirloom meant to be flipped through, remembered and felt. Stay tuned for more information on albums included with your session packages!

Kat and Tony on their Wedding Day!

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A Year of Favorites: Seattle Lifestyle Photographer

Looking back on the year that has already past, I am amazed at how many incredible people I have met through my work. Marvelous, open, fun and incredible families. I am honored to have met each of you and spent time getting to know you all. Thank you thank you thank you for letting me document these moments!
These are a collection of a few of my favorite images created this year, all jumbled up and in no order what so ever! It was way harder than I thought to pick only a couple from each session… and you might want to grab a snack and a drink, because it is going to take you a while to get through these 😉

A big HUGE Thank you to all of my clients in 2015! I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings!



Owens-Week25-sneak-1-5 Owens-Week25-sneak-1

Borovsky-AtFayBainbridge-32 Borovsky-sneaks-1

Becca36weeks-bellygrow-1-2 BeccaBelly-sneak-1-2


LyonsFamily-sneak-1 LyonsFamily-sneaks-1-3

BeccaMeg-Hilltop-sneak-1 Owens-Week25-sneak-1-2

Vivienne-sneak-1-5 Vivienne-sneaks-1-3

TyElissa-BloedelReserve-11 TyElissa-BloedelReserve-30

MarjaPreston-sneaks-1 MarjaPreston-sneaks-5

Greta-sneak-1-2 Greta-sneak-1-6

TyElissa-AtFayBainbridge-2 TyElissa-AtFayBainbridge-39

Seattle Family Photographer


Jude-sneak-1-6 Jude-sneaks-14


Mer-36weeks-Athome-14 Aurelia-3weeks-66 Aurelia-3weeks-72 Aurelia-3weeks-101

EngMaternity-1-10 EngMaternity-12Stella-sneak-1-4 Stella-sneak-1-5

Mer-36weeks-sneak-1-7 Mer-36weeks-sneak-1-8


Zoe-sneak-1-3 Zoe-sneaks-1-5 ZoePritchett-Newborn-100


Mer-36weeks-sneak-1-9 Mer-beachbelly-stones-1


Nichols-artsneak-1 NicholsFamily-sneak-1

Seattle Family Photographer

Ellie-sneak-1-8 Owens-sneak-1-4

Seattle Family Photographer

EngMaternity-11 Seattle Family Photographer Seattle Family Photographer

Elli-sneaks-1 Ellie-sneak-1-5

Mains-Sneak-1-2 Mains-sneaks-1



EngMaternity-14 EllieEyes-1

Borovsky-beachsneak-1-2 Borovsky-beachsneak-1-5

thank you for following along the past year!

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