Sunrise Family session at low tide: Seattle Family Photographer

Two years ago, I met a family who filled my inspiration bucket. That sounds silly I know. But, woah. That morning was something I will never forget. The mama, a stunning mother of 3, is a photographer friend on the Kitsap Peninsula (check out her birth work…truly incredible). We had been conversing on-line and via email for a little while and this was the first time we had met in person. We met at Fay Bainbridge Park on Bainbridge Island, on a surprisingly sunny April morning. The first thing we did? Took off all our shoes and went straight down to the water to play!

My absolute favorite thing about planning for the Low-tide during your family session??

Using that low low water to create reflections… there is a stillness and beauty to the water that pulls at my emotional heart strings… and this gets me every. single. time!

However, you may be surprised at how close my camera comes to the water to get these shots.

Family session at the beach

A session is never complete without a couple of moments of just the two of you…because you deserve an image of the two of you caught up in the moment of each other.

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2 thoughts on “Sunrise Family session at low tide: Seattle Family Photographer

  1. Ahh I love these! So amazing with the light and the water. But most of all you capture some truly loving moments full of play and exploration. Amazing work, Alec Mills! xoxo

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