Spring Mini Sessions: Seattle Family Photographer

Before last week, I hadn’t really considered Mini Sessions. But after setting up an impromptu studio in the front room of my home… well I might be hooked.

Stephanie and her family visited me for 30 minutes on Monday morning. I shot for about 24 minutes of that time. It was quick, but it was calm and warm. We enjoyed some coffee and watched her 11 month old baby girl chew on her fingers and check out my camera.

mother picks up daughter little girl teething little girl peers through a sheer cloth teething baby little girl lays in her mothers lap little girl laughs mother and child look out the window mother and child snuggle

I was worried that I wouldn’t get the type of intimacy and connection I do with my normal sessions.

But I find that connection happens wether you ask for it or not, you just have to settle and take deep breaths, and witness what unfolds in front of you.

mom and child in home studio Mother sits with child on her lap mother comforts her daughter Mother holds her baby's feet

ANNNNDDDD… as a bonus… dad stepped in the join us for the last 5 minutes! And when you only have dad for 5 minutes… you make it count!

Dad holds his daughter upside down Father and child silly family portrait Family portrait with a baby mother and father with child playful family portrait Fun family picture

I am doing my first run of Mini Sessions this March and cannot wait to share! Sign up for my Newsletter community to receive information on my next Mini Session run!

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