Baby Dalton: Seattle Newborn Photographer

Last fall, I photographed sweet baby Dalton in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle.  When I arrived, it was so warm and cozy I felt right at home… we even had a few of the same pieces of art hanging on our walls. We talked, we drank coffee and hung out on their front porch to watch the neighborhood wake up.

Dalton’s parents were at complete ease with their new little babe, and it was amazing to watch. Mama is a postpartum doula, and swaddled and soothed her baby like a pro! I was connected with their family by another client, and have watched Tobin work as a doula at a newborn session last year…she is magic 🙂 Find her website here:

Here is little Dalton with her parents on a cozy fall morning in Seattle

Find more at 



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