Seattle Lifestyle Maternity Photographer: Awaiting Twins at Home

This family was so ready to welcome their sweet twins into the world, and we celebrated their last few months before the babes arrived with an adventurous day. First at home with their many fur babies, then visiting their 2 person plane and finally an amazing sunset on the beautiful California Coast (yes, I do travel for sessions 🙂 ).

These first images are a little before and after fun from our maternity and newborn shoots!

Boronowsky-homesneaks-9 After-twins-1

Here is the incredibly gorgeous Renate and Kenny awaiting twins in Long Beach, California…

BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-30 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-13 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-40 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-42 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-49 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-45 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-51 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-55 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-67 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-66 Boronowsky-sneak2-1-2 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-72 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-80 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-84 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-90 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-92 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-94 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-126 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-98 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-101 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-102 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-103 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-133 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-111 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-175 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-181 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-141 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-147 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-148 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-155 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-159 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-160 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-161 BoronowskyMaternity-AtHome-190

Check in on my next blog post to see the remaining images from our incredible day together!

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