Seattle Maternity Photographer: Beautiful belly in Seattle

I had the great pleasure of spending an afternoon with this family as they awaited their second son. It was a chilly afternoon, but warm and full of winter cuddles inside. Watching the sweet love this family has for their son, and baby to be was the most beautiful thing to witness.  I am always in awe of the incredible beauty of the female body. Pregnancy is so powerful and stunning. Thank you to this beautiful family for inviting me into your space!

EngFamily-Maternity-11 EngFamily-Maternity-12 EngFamily-Maternity-16 EngFamily-Maternity-17 EngFamily-Maternity-18 EngFamily-Maternity-24 EngFamily-Maternity-25 EngFamily-Maternity-26 EngFamily-Maternity-33 EngFamily-Maternity-34 EngFamily-Maternity-39 EngFamily-Maternity-40 EngFamily-Maternity-42 EngFamily-Maternity-50 EngFamily-Maternity-54 EngFamily-Maternity-57 EngFamily-Maternity-62 EngFamily-Maternity-63 EngFamily-Maternity-65 EngFamily-Maternity-67 EngFamily-Maternity-70 EngFamily-Maternity-72 EngFamily-Maternity-77 EngFamily-Maternity-87 EngFamily-Maternity-102 EngFamily-Maternity-105 EngFamily-Maternity-106 EngFamily-Maternity-107 EngFamily-Maternity-113 EngFamily-Maternity-116 EngFamily-Maternity-117 EngFamily-Maternity-119 EngFamily-Maternity-133 EngFamily-Maternity-141 EngFamily-Maternity-150 EngFamily-Maternity-173 EngFamily-Maternity-171 EngFamily-Maternity-181

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