30 Minutes in the Life: October Edition

Halloween is almost here, so naturally that means everything is orange, carved pumpkins, cinnamon and a constant rotation of costumes. On our little Island there is a cute 50 yard walk through a darkening ‘forest’ lined with hundreds of carved and lit pumpkins! Perfect for little toddlers to rush through and get in the Halloween spirit!

PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-1 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-3 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-7 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-12 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-18 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-21 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-22 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-23 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-26 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-27 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-30 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-36 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-40 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-42 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-47 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-48 PumpkinWalk-Bainbridge2015-49

Continue on in the 30 Minutes in the Life blog circle to Cindy Cavanagh, Sydney Lifestyle Photographer. http://www.cindycavanagh.com/sydney-lifestyle-photographer-30-minutes-in-the-life-at-the-beach

8 thoughts on “30 Minutes in the Life: October Edition

  1. What a wonderful Halloween event for the kids on your island! I love love love the excitement you captured in the 2nd photo — just awesome!!!

  2. Oh these are wonderful. Such a great variety of photos. I love the one of her sitting on the pavement. The pumpkins and lights look perfect.

  3. So completely magical. I love the colours and how beautifully you caught nightfall and the glow of the pumpkins. A really special set of images.

  4. That event is so cool. Her excitement is contagious. The pumpkins were amazing. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. I can just imagine that walk at Christmas time. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the pops of orange in these! Such a beautiful set of images. The twinkly fairy lights are magical! What a fun walk. Xxx

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