Day in the Life: Bainbridge Island in June

Sometimes I take so many pictures in a day, I just have to edit and blog right away… or 3 days later. The Pacific Northwest has been crazy beautiful lately, unusually warm and sunny for so early in the year… But we will take it! Sunday was one beautiful day. We had a slow and lazy morning topped off with Sol putting on every article of clothing she owns one at a time, followed by a slow and lazy drive around the island. Lunch, then walking a stone Labyrinth over Blakely Harbor. Sol had the patience to complete half of the Labyrinth before abandoning it for the more interesting and loud prayer wheel. Then visiting a local Farm/Mountain Bike race to complete our sun drenched day.

Oh and that little white car you will spot in the middle… That I have to brag about a little bit 😉 That is an MG GT Roadster, that my husband has gutted and converted to a fully Electric car!!! That is right… ELECTRIC BOND CAR…Silent but FAST! Just had to let that out!

Living in the Pacific Northwest can feel like a fairytale, especially when the sun twinkles off of the water and through the trees. While living on an Island can have its downfalls (missing the ferry and sitting for an hour in your car is probably the worst), most spring and summer days are filled with laughter, exploration and joy. I am looking forward to many more days like this.

I love where I live. It twinkles and it shines.

Sol-mornings-1-2Sol-mornings-1DayonIsland-MGdrive-13 DayonIsland-MGdrive-14 DayonIsland-MGdrive-15 DayonIsland-MGdrive-16 DayonIsland-MGdrive-17 DayonIsland-MGdrive-19 DayonIsland-MGdrive-20 DayonIsland-MGdrive-21 DayonIsland-MGdrive-22 DayonIsland-MGdrive-23 DayonIsland-MGdrive-25 DayonIsland-MGdrive-26 DayonIsland-MGdrive-27 DayonIsland-MGdrive-28 DayonIsland-MGdrive-34 DayonIsland-MGdrive-35 DayonIsland-MGdrive-36 DayonIsland-MGdrive-37 DayonIsland-MGdrive-41 DayonIsland-MGdrive-38 DayonIsland-MGdrive-39 DayonIsland-MGdrive-42 DayonIsland-MGdrive-43 DayonIsland-MGdrive-45 DayonIsland-MGdrive-46 DayonIsland-MGdrive-47 DayonIsland-MGdrive-48 DayonIsland-MGdrive-49 DayonIsland-MGdrive-50 DayonIsland-MGdrive-65

DayonIsland-MGdrive-1 DayonIsland-MGdrive-6 DayonIsland-MGdrive-66 DayonIsland-MGdrive-71 DayonIsland-MGdrive-72 DayonIsland-MGdrive-73 DayonIsland-MGdrive-74 DayonIsland-MGdrive-75 DayonIsland-MGdrive-76 DayonIsland-MGdrive-77 DayonIsland-MGdrive-78 DayonIsland-MGdrive-79 DayonIsland-MGdrive-80

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2 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Bainbridge Island in June

  1. So cool!!! I love the foxglove pics – looks like watercolor. And go Jer on the car! What an incredible feat!

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