Seattle Maternity Photographer: Mer + Jeremy At Home

When one of your closest friends is pregnant, there are going to be a lot of pictures.

I showed up on a Saturday morning in March, we had coffee, made an incredible Boxer or Brief meme ;-)… and I got to hang out with some of the coolest and most generous people I know. Mer and Jer, your child will have a life filled with music, joy and laughter… lucky lucky kid!

Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-2 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-9 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-10 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-13 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-14 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-22 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-24 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-27 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-28 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-38 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-44 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-69 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-78 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-79 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-81 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-82 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-92 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-100 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-103 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-106 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-111 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-118 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-127 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-131 Meredith-Jeremy-25Weeks-AtHome-137


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2 thoughts on “Seattle Maternity Photographer: Mer + Jeremy At Home

  1. You’re such a blessing, my dear. Thank you for this beautiful gift. We truly treasure it more than you know.

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