30 Minutes in the Life: Blog Circle March 2015

I am a new contributor for a fantastic blog called 30 Minutes in the Life. They blog monthly, showing what a 30 minute block of time looks like in their normal day. We can choose any 30 minutes we want.

I have followed along for months, and participated by posting to their Facebook page’s weekly themes, but joining them is something I am very very excited about. Catching a glimpse of our hectic lives, 30 minutes at a time.
So, here is my first 30 Minutes in the Life: March 2015 adventuring with another incredible 30 Minute contributor, Amanda Voelker Photography. And make sure you follow along in the Blog circle link at the bottom of this post ๐Ÿ˜‰



Please follow along to next incredible artist, Meagan of Meagan Dwyer Photography and her 30 Minutes!


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16 thoughts on “30 Minutes in the Life: Blog Circle March 2015

  1. What a great shoot. So glad that you have joined us Alec. My favorite is the second last one of Amanda in the curve of the tree. The white pops against the green. Thank you for sharing your outing with us.

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