Light in the Kitchen

It’s no joke that a lot of mothers spend a huge percentage of their time in the kitchen… around the kitchen… on the kitchen. No really. And sometimes you end up sitting on the floor with your toddler and a heap of cups and bowls. It. just. happens.

My parents kitchen. Sigh. I love this kitchen. Not only does it have everything you could want, but the light is just amazing, any time of day. Lets just say the kitchen is the hub of the household and leave it at that.

Here is a collection of images in chronological order starting last July, when we moved into my parents home.

March-Solwaits-OOF August-kitchen-2 JulyKitchen-2 JulyKitchen AtHomePlay-1-2 Mornings-BI Sol-makingJuice-3 BainbridgeIsland-SolCooking-1 ScooterBuns-1-2 DITL-January2015-kitchenSelfOOF-1 DITL-January2015-scooterbuns-4 DITL-January2015-scooterbuns-5 DITL-January2015-scooterbuns-6 Kitchen-Aleclight-1 MommyNsol-kitchenlight-1 SaturdayMorningLight-kitchenFamily-1 Self-kitchen-1-2 DadSol-kitchentoes-1 DadSol-kitchentoes-2 Opposites-self-2 March-KitchenLight-4

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4 thoughts on “Light in the Kitchen

  1. Alec these are amazing. I love the ones of you – I love when you finally turn the camera on yourself. 🙂

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