Day in the Life: January 2015

Starting off the year with a new blog circle with Project: Life your Way! Our challenge was to shoot a Day in your Life.

The scooter is a new toy in our house. Today, Sol used our kitchen as a race track….round and round and round she went. Don’t forget the helmet for safety!

So here we are, on a rainy day in the northwest…

November-Aroundhome-2 October-Aroundhome-1

DITL-January2015-scooterbuns-6 DITL-January2015-scooterbuns-1 DITL-January2015-scooterbuns-2 DITL-January2015-scooterbuns-3 DITL-January2015-scooterbuns-4 DITL-January2015-scooterbuns-5 DITL-January2015-kitchenSelfOOF-1 DITL-January2015-leggos-1 DITL-January2015-leggos-2

November-Aroundhome-play-2Check out the Project: Life your Way BLOG for more Day in the Life


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