Bainbridge Family: Rain Rain Rain

always a pleasure to find new friends, even better when they are happy to try out a shoot in the pouring rain instead of rescheduling. YES it was wet, and we all got really really wet, but I think it was well worth it 😉

Nothing a couple cups of tea and cuddling won’t cure!

BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-1 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-4 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-5 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-7 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-8 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-9 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-15 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-21 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-33 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-42 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-45 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-52 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-53 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-54 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-59 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-72 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-74 BeckyJensElle-BainbridgeOct-81

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