Being Thankful: Feeling all the things

I am not one for many words. I tend to stumble when it comes to expressing myself. But with images I feel. I feel all the things.
This year has so many things to be thankful for. But right now, I am most thankful for family. For my daughter to be spending her days close to so many of her favorite people. For the hugs, kisses, nose nuzzles and for listening to every new words and sentence combination that little Sol can come up with.

A recent project of mine with a couple photographer friends has turned into a month long collection of over 30 friends and photographers sharing what they are thankful for.
Project: Life you way – 30 Days of Thanks kicks off this week with the first week’s collection. I am honored to be included with this group of photographers and I am inspired by each of them daily. Check out our first week of Thanks kicking off with WEEK 1

NanaSol-reading-1 SolandNana-sittingspot-1 BabaSol-trainset-2 BabaSol-trainset-4 CamanoSunset-Family Glacier-BarbJer GrandmaB-play Reflectorwindow-BIartmuseum Kate-Portraits-48 BabyBath-MamasArms-april Mornings-BI-3 FreeConcert-BattlePoint-3 FreeConcert-BattlePoint LowTide-twodays-family-7 MomandSol

3 thoughts on “Being Thankful: Feeling all the things

  1. So beautiful, Al. Inspiring words, breathtaking images. Oh to be a part of your little family – is to be truly blessed.

    Love you.

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