A Day in the Life: Seattle Trips

living on an island has definite perks. and being so close to the city makes our adventures even better.

Sol and I can walk onto the ferry and meet Dad in downtown for an Aquarium and Dinner date 35 minutes later…

best. time. ever.
We will miss the light in a month, but right now we are enjoying what is left of the northwest summer xoxo

DayintheLife-seattleferrysol-2 DayintheLife-seattleferrysol-5 DayintheLife-seattleferrysol-7 DayintheLife-seattleferrysol-4 DayintheLife-seattleferrysol-8 DayintheLife-seattleferrysol-10 DayintheLife-seattleferrysol-15 DayintheLife-seattleferrysol-13 Aquarium-TunnelLight July-daytrip-9 July-daytrip-2 DayintheLife-seattleferrysol-17

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