Low Tides and Island Life

the move is finally over, and our little family is settling into our home.

this island has brought so many joys in the few short weeks we have been here. but last weekend was a memorable one.

clear skies, dotted with streaks of clouds and a subtle breeze. it was perfect. we ventured down to low-tide, and spent the mornings smiling and laughing. the two days have mixed together, and here is what I will see when I remember that weekend

LowTide-twodays-family-7 LowTide-twodays-family-4 LowTide-twodays-family-5 LowTide-twodays-family-8 LowTide-twodays-family-9 LowTide-twodays-familyplay-2 LowTide-twodays-10 LowTide-twodays-9 LowTide-twodays-familyplay-3 LowTide-twodays-familyplay-4 LowTide-twodays-familyplay-7 LowTide-twodays LowTide-twodays-3 LowTide-twodays-4 LowTide-twodays-15 LowTide-twodays-12 LowTide-twodays-6 LowTide-twodays-7 LowTide-twodays-familyplay-5 LowTide-twodays-24 LowTide-twodays-20 LowTide-twodays-29 LowTide-twodays-30 LowTide-twodays-25 LowTide-twodays-27 LowTide-twodays-32 LowTide-twodays-33 LowTide-twodays-40 LowTide-twodays-44 LowTide-twodays-37 LowTide-twodays-36 LowTide-twodays-35 LowTide-twodays-57

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