Friends Kids

are so loved by their aunties. first a mama’s night out, then a hot hot morning of U-pick blueberries. this summer is shaping up to be beautiful and filled with love and babies 😉

Annie-bellyJune-2 Annie-bellyJuneBW Annie-bellyJune-9 Annie-bellyJune-12 Annie - Blueberries-28 Annie - Blueberries-29 Annie - Blueberries-9 Annie - Blueberries-7 Annie - Blueberries-10 Annie - Blueberries-13 Annie - Blueberries-16 Annie - Blueberries-17 Annie - Blueberries-26 Annie - Blueberries-34 Annie - Blueberries-38 Annie - Blueberries-42 Annie - Blueberries-22 Annie - Blueberries-44 Annie - Blueberries-45 SolStuffs - Blueberries

2 thoughts on “Friends Kids

  1. Wowwwww. I think these are the tops… I have looked at these three times now. I don’t have words to describe the beauty and joy these pictures impart. Some of my favorites you have every done, Alec Mills.

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