Kat and Tony – Discovery Park Enagement

Kat and Tony have entrusted me to be their wedding photographer next weekend, and I could not be more thrilled, nervous and excited. Last week, we met at Discovery Park and wandered through the tall grass and into the tree filled bluffs for the incredible golden light. They climbed a tree, balanced like true karate kids and laughed through the night. xoxo

KatTony-Batch1-26 KatTony-Batch1-7 KatTony-Batch1-15 KatTony-Batch1-14 KatTony-Batch1-12 KatTony- Batch2-109 KatTony-Batch1-3 KatTony-Batch1-21 KatTony- Batch2-12 KatTony- Batch2-15 KatTony- Batch2-18 KatTony- Batch2-20 KatTony- Batch2-22 KatTony- Batch2-28 KatTony- Batch2-31 KatTony- Batch2-32 KatTony- Batch2-61 KatTony- Batch2-65 KatTony- Batch2-64 KatTony- Batch2-69 KatTony- Batch2-68 KatTony- Batch2-40 KatTony- Batch2-50 KatTony- Batch2-49 KatTony- Batch2-57 KatTony- Batch2-80 KatTony- Batch2-75 KatTony- Batch2-76 KatTony- Batch2-86 KatTony- Batch2-91 KatTony- Batch2-92 KatTony- Batch2-95 KatTony- Batch2-96 DiscoveryPark-field KatTony- Batch2-120 KatTony- Batch2-102 KatTony- Batch2-104 KatTony- Batch2-112 KatTony- Batch2-107 KatTony-Disco-field

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