Collier’s Cake Bashing

or is it smashing? I think bashing is more appropriate
these are my beautiful friends and their beautiful kiddos,

fair warning there are 40+ images so make sure to scroll all the way down for the cake bashing!

Blakes-PrecakeHome-5 Blakes-PrecakeHome Blakes-PrecakeHome-8 Blakes-PrecakeHome-10 Blakes-PrecakeHome-19 Blakes-PrecakeHome-24 Blakes-PrecakeHome-32 Blakes-PrecakeHome-28 Blakes-PrecakeHome-48 Blakes-PrecakeHome-52 Blakes-PrecakeHome-56 Blakes-PrecakeHome-53 Blakes-PrecakeHome-61 Blakes-PrecakeHome-63 Blakes-PrecakeHome-65 Blakes-PrecakeHome-69 Blakes-PrecakeHome-74 CollierCakeBash-theCake-3 CollierCakeBash-theCake-18 CollierCakeBash-theCake-22 CollierCakeBash-theCake-26 CollierCakeBash-theCake-32 CollierCakeBash-theCake-35 CollierCakeBash-theCake-45 CollierCakeBash-theCake-46 CollierCakeBash-theCake-50 CollierCakeBash-theCake-62 CollierCakeBash-theCake-63 CollierCakeBash-theCake-69 CollierCakeBash-theCake-71 CollierCakeBash-theCake-70 CollierCakeBash-theCake-72 CollierCakeBash-theCake-75 CollierCakeBash-theCake-77 CollierCakeBash-theCake-78 CollierCakeBash-theCake-79 CollierCakeBash-theCake-90 CollierCakeBash-theCake-93 Blakes-Abi-2 Blakes-Abi-9 Blakes-Abi-6 Blakes-Abi-8


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