Barefoot Summer

it begins, and it is wonderful.

this day was clear and bright, but still had a slight spring chill

Sol-Trees-3 Sol-Trees-5 Sol-Trees-6 Sol-attheBeach-8 Sol-attheBeach-7 Sol-attheBeach-9 Sol-Beach-oof Sol-attheBeach-10 Sol-attheBeach-13 Sol-attheBeach-20 Sol-attheBeach-21 Sol-attheBeach-44 Sol-attheBeach-52 Sol-intheTrees-5 Sol-intheTrees-7 Sol-attheBeach-45 Sol-attheBeach-46 Sol-attheBeach-61 Sol-attheBeach-69 Sol-attheBeach-71 Sol-attheBeach-87 Sol-attheBeach-78


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