Patanjali: Maternity in South Seattle

each breath

in and out

you grow

just a little bit more

Patanjali and I roamed the beach and woods near her West Seattle home, feeling the spring sun and watching eagles soar.

Patanjali-Home-13 Patanjali-Home-5 Patanjali-home-comp1 Patanjali-Beach-15 Patanjali-Beach-38 Patanjali-Beach-40 Patanjali-Beach-44 Patanjali-Beach-42 Patanjali-Beach-45 Patanjali-Beach-59 Patanjali-Beach-52 Patanjali-Beach-53 Patanjali-Beach-32 Patanjali-Trees-comp1 Patanjali-Trees-6 Patanjali-Trees-5 Patanjali-Trees-18 Patanjali-Trees-16 Patanjali-Trees-7 Patanjali-Trees-8 Patanjali-Trees-9 Patanjali-Trees-35 Patanjali-Trees-28 Patanjali-Trees-46
Patanjali-Trees-39 Patanjali-Home-4 Patanjali-Home-20 Patanjali-Home-47 Patanjali-Home-26 Patanjali-home-comp2 Patanjali-Home-34



2 thoughts on “Patanjali: Maternity in South Seattle

  1. Oh my gosh, Al, these are so amazing. I can’t WAIT to get preggers just so you can take pics!

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