Christina and Adam: Carkeek Engagement Hike

When a good friend’s sister asked me to take photographs for her wedding, I was so honored and excited! Christina and Adam were so much fun, and the weather held out just long enough for us to get a good hike in!

We hiked through Carkeek Park in north Seattle, through the newly budding wooded trails, climbed trees and then ran out of the park just in time to miss a huge downpour… you know, normal Seattle weather. Cannot wait for a great time in September to celebrate!

SteenAdam-Carkeek-2 SteenAdam-Carkeek-5 SteenAdam-Carkeek-7 SteenAdam-Carkeek-13 SteenAdam-Carkeek-27 SteenAdam-Carkeek-32 SteenAdam-Carkeek-35 SteenAdam-Carkeek-36 SteenAdam-Carkeek-38 SteenAdam-Carkeek-44 SteenAdam-Carkeek-53 SteenAdam-Carkeek-46 SteenAdam-Carkeek-67 SteenAdam-Carkeek-72 SteenAdam-Carkeek-75 SteenAdam-Carkeek-69 SteenAdam-Carkeek-83 SteenAdam-Carkeek-85 SteenAdam-Carkeek-90 SteenAdam-Carkeek-97 SteenAdam-Carkeek-98 SteenAdam-Carkeek-106 SteenAdam-Carkeek-117 SteenAdam-Carkeek-120 SteenAdam-Carkeek-122 SteenAdam-Carkeek-123 SteenAdam-Carkeek-125 SteenAdam-Carkeek-129 SteenAdam-Carkeek-133 SteenAdam-Carkeek-136 SteenAdam-Carkeek-140 SteenAdam-Carkeek-141 SteenAdam-Carkeek-149


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