Morning Coffee and Exploring

no winter weekend is complete without some adventuring in the rain, some kayaking, and lots of coffee to get us going in the morning.
day two rounded out the weekend…and it was unforgettable. Find Day 1 Here!

Shelton-Island-8 Shelton-Island-10 Shelton-Island-7 SheltonSunday-Cabin-3-2 Shelton-Island-5 Shelton-Island-3

Shelton-Island-13 Shelton-Island-18 Shelton-Island-19 Shelton-Island-39 Shelton-Island-25 Shelton-Island-LadiesInTrees-14 Shelton-Island-LadiesInTrees-5 Shelton-Island-42 Shelton-Island-44 Shelton-Island-59 Shelton-Island-45 Shelton-Island-48 Shelton-Island-61 Shelton-Island-71 Shelton-Island-75 Shelton-Island


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