Sun in Glacier National Park

the last installment of our trip from last September… yes September 2013. I am forever playing catch up at life. its glorious.

we came down from the mountain pass to swim in the glacial lake and walk through the forests at dusk. in the morning we ate breakfast on the beach to prepare for our long long drive back to Seattle.

beauty surrounds us. love it, visit it, care for it. we don’t have a second chance.

GlacierPark -bikedown Glacier-dockJeremy Glacier-lake Glacier-dockJeremy-3
Glacier-familydock Glacier-lakebw-2 Glacier-lakebw Glacier-lakeAlecswims Glacier-lakeAlecswims-2 GlacierPark-newedits-7 GlacierPark-newedits-8

Glacier-FamilyBFast GlacierPark-OOF Glacier-TreesBW-2

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