FlashBack: California Coast Roadtrip

A year ago, my small family took our first road trip. we did a loop starting in Santa Ana, California… up Highway 1 through Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Monterey, Sonoma, Sacramento and back again. These are a few of my favorite places on this earth, and I got to share them with my husband for the first time.

below is our first few days of the saga, starting with the Big Sur coastline and Camping at Fernwood Campsite. here are a few of my favorite things

HighWay-one HighWay-one-2 BigSur-CampgroundHike BigSur-CampgroundHike-45 BigSur-CampgroundHike-9 BigSur-CampgroundHike-11 BigSur-CampgroundHike-18 BigSur-CampgroundHike-19 BigSur-CampgroundHike-21 BigSur-CampgroundHike-26 BigSur-CampgroundHike-30 BigSur-CampgroundHike-28 BigSur-CampgroundHike-33 BigSur-CampgroundHike-39 BigSur-CampgroundHike-47 BigSur-CampgroundHike-50 BigSur-CampgroundHike-56 BigSur-CampgroundHike-60 BigSur-CampgroundHike-70 BigSur-CampgroundDay1-3 BigSur-CampgroundDay1 BigSur-CampgroundHike-57

Flowers-sidebyside BigSur-Napenthe-4 BigSur-Napenthe BigSur-Napenthe-6 BigSur-Napenthe-11 BigSur-CoastHike-13 BigSur-Napenthe-9 BigSur-Napenthe-10 BigSur-Napenthe-2-4 BigSur-CoastHike-10 BigSur-Napenthe-3-2

while it is a kind of drastic contrast from these blues and greens… this tunnel was the last place I photographed that day. nice closure 😉

more to come


9 thoughts on “FlashBack: California Coast Roadtrip

  1. Well now I know where I want to go this summer! Your landscape shots could totally be used in promotional materials for these locations. That first one – oh my goodness.

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