Ladies Weekend

everyone needs a weekend away with their best ladies. this was that weekend. words do not express the joy this group of women bring to my life. each of them extraordinary, brilliant, creative and loving individuals. special.

and this is only day 1 of our weekend. love you gurls.


SheltonLadies-Saturday-cabin-2-3 SheltonLadies-Saturday-37 SheltonLadies-Saturday-oystersbeach-16 DockGirls-day1 Day1onDock DockGreen SheltonLadies-Saturday-oystersbeach-14 SheltonLadies-Saturday-54 SheltonLadies-Saturday-oystersbeach-7 SheltonLadies-Saturday-oystersbeach-12 SheltonLadies-Saturday-oystersbeach-GIF-6 SheltonLadies-Saturday-oystersbeach-40 OyesterStar-day1 SheltonLadies-Saturday-56 TheDock-comp-day1 SheltonLadies-Saturday-oystersbeach-46 PorchAlec-comp-day1 SheltonLadies-Saturday-30 SheltonLadies-Saturday-35 SheltonLadies-Saturday-27 SheltonLadies-Saturday-31 SheltonLadies-Saturday-32 Kitchen-day1 SheltonLadies-Saturday-68 SheltonLadies-Saturday-75 EmmyHair-above SheltonLadies-Saturday-39


Day 2 of our Ladies Weekend is now blogged and ready for you 😉



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