Spring for a day

the sun on friday was so warm, so bright, so perfect. a perfect reminder of why we wait through the gray and gloom of the northwest. a reminder of what is to come.

we played in the dirt, discovered tiny crawly bugs, colored with grandma, built a learning tower with Sol bug, and generally had a perfect day. xoxo spring, we are waiting patiently through today’s rain…SolSun-Island SolSun-Island-3 SolSun-Island-5 SolSun-Island-6 SolSun-Island-7 SolSun-Island-8 SolSun-Island-5-2 SolSun-Island-7-2 SolSun-IslandYard-5 SolSun-IslandYard-8 SolSun-IslandYard-6 SolSun-IslandYard-16 SolSun-Island-9-2 SolSun-Island-14 SolSun-Island-21 SolSun-Island-17 SolSun-Island-20 SolSun-IslandBuilding-14 SolSun-IslandBuilding-20 SolSun-IslandBuilding-7 SolSun-IslandBuilding-11 SolSun-IslandBuilding-9

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