Emelia out of Focus

this past january, my husband and I met my best friend for a trip through Cambodia and Thailand…

I realized while going through my HUGE number of pictures from the trip… that I had a great collection of portraits of my two favorite people. 

end product is a beautiful overview of our trip seen through the details and out of focus bokeh moments. here is Emelia


Emmy-OOF-2 Emmy-OOFEmmy-OOF-3 Emmy-OOF-6


Emmy-OOF-Koh Rongrelax Emmy-OOF-Koh Rong Emmy-OOF-ChiangMai Emmy-OOFChiangMai-textures Emmy-OOF-cooking-2 Emmy-OOF-bangkok Emmy-OOFBangkok-streets-2 Emmy-OOF-Ralaeybeach

Emmy-OOF-beachBWEmmy-OOF-Bangkok-streets-35 Emmy-OOF-Bangkok-streets-38

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