The Road to the Rising Sun

is anyone else already exhausted by the holidays?! each day you remember another thing you forgot, or wrap, or cook, bake, clean, prepare… on repeat

we went to Glacier National Park in September. now 4 months later, I finally had time to edit a portion of that trip. this is only one morning of a 3 day trip. there will be more to come. The majesty and beauty of the Rockies is indescribable. swimming in glacier lakes, hiding among the trees, mountain ridge trails, sheer rock cliff paths, rolling fog and painted sunsets. Glacier you stole my heart, and I cannot wait to return (even with my toddler on the 10+ hour car drive)

luckily, I did get the rest of this trip blogged…. Check out some of Glacier

EastGlacierHike EastGlacierHike-2 EastGlacierHike-5 EastGlacierHike-10 EastGlacierHike-3-2 EastGlacierHike-4-2 EastGlacierHike-11 EastGlacierHike-12 EastGlacierHike-13 EastGlacier-4

Glacier-Ledgehike-4-3Glacier-Ledgehike-13-2 Glacier-Ledgehike-12-2 Glacier-Ledgehike-9 Glacier-Ledgehike-5-2

Glacier-Ledgehike-9-2Glacier-Ledgehike-11Glacier-Ledgehike-15 Glacier-Ledgehike-2-2 Glacier-Ledgehike-7 Glacier-Ledgehike

and then Jeremy road his bike DOWN the road to the rising sun… he was faster than most cars, sucks to ride your brakes downhill 😉GlacierBikeDecent-2-2

One thought on “The Road to the Rising Sun

  1. Thank you. These are absolutely wonderful! I especially love the one of you and Sol in the trees, Sol reaching for the water, and Sol and Jeremy looking at the scenery. Thank you!

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