At Home with the Blakes

Ryan and Lara have made a beautiful home for their brood. they let me into their home to follow their beautiful kiddos for an afternoon of playing in the leaves, harvesting tomatillos, reading books, and playing with their adorable baby boy. lots of love for the Blakes!


Blakes-MorningRoutine-14 Blakes-MorningRoutine-13


Blakes-FrontYard-39 Blakes-FrontYard-6

Blakes-BackYardPlay-15Blakes-RyanLara-4 Blakes-RyanLara-9 Blakes-Harvesting-4 Blakes-Harvesting-5 Blakes-Harvesting-8 Blakes-Harvesting-14 Blakes-Harvesting-18 Blakes-Harvesting-19 Blakes-Harvesting-20 Blakes-Harvesting-21 Blakes-Harvesting-23 Blakes-Harvesting-11 Blakes-BackYardPlay Blakes-BackYardPlay-4 Blakes-BackYardPlay-5Blakes-BackYardLeaves-11

Blakes-BackYardLeaves-20 Blakes-BackYardLeaves-14 Blakes-BackYardLeaves-23 Blakes-BackYardLeaves-29 Blakes-BackYardLeaves-31


Blakes-LivingRoom-33 Blakes-LivingRoom-28 Blakes-LivingRoom-26

Blakes-LivingRoom-27 Blakes-LivingRoom-21

Blakes-FamilyPlay-19 Blakes-FamilyPlay-20 Blakes-FamilyPlay-41 Blakes-FamilyPlay-49 Blakes-FamilyPlay-67 Blakes-FamilyPlay-72 Blakes-FamilyPlay-96Blakes-FamilyPlay-97Blakes-FamilyPlay-98

Blakes-FamilyPlay-82 Blakes-FamilyPlay-104 Blakes-FamilyPlay-103

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