pictures revisited, beautiful days remembered. i looked through files I hadn’t had time to edit recently. so happy that i did.

LakeLongview-GmaB-4 LakeLongview-GmaB-3-2 LakeLongview-GmaB-34 LakeLongview-GmaB-32 CabinTextures-4 EllensburgVisit-7 EllensburgVisit-4 EllensburgVisit-3 NapwithDad-2 NapwithDad SeabrookSummer-2 SeabrookSummer-10 SeabrookSummer-4 SeabrookSummer EarlyFamilySummer-10

One thought on “Revisited

  1. Thanks so much for the pics. Sounds like you and Jeremy had a terrific “date night” and relaxing weekend. It was great having Sol with us. She is maturing so fast. I can come to Seattle December 3 (Tuesday) and stay until December 5 (Thursday). Let me know if that works for you and I will make train reservations.

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